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Saturday morning in Soho

Another weekend, another gorgeous family! Hard not to love Clare, Dave and their 2 gorgeous little girls straightaway when you meet them. Sophia and Isabelle did amazingly well during our one hour session in town, especially considering the fact that it was boiling hot at en end of May in Hong Kong. All the girls including Clare, in jeans still look stunning. I believe the pictures captures the girls' characters naturally, a slightly shy but mature and beautiful big sister and a cheeky and funny pretty little sister!

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Drf-photography_Family Watt_Soho_June _2
Stories: Photo Gallery

A grey Sunday in Discovery Bay

The after lunch clouds didn't take the smiles away; Lovely family session running and playing around on the Tai Pak Beach. Many shades of blue and grey and such a gorgeous and caring big sister. Jacob is a lucky boy!

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Family Cornelius-21.JPG
Family Cornelius-156.JPG
Family Cornelius-26.JPG
Family Cornelius-92.JPG
Family Cornelius-87.JPG
Family Cornelius-23.JPG
Family Cornelius-80.JPG
Family Cornelius-27.JPG
Family Cornelius-20.JPG
Family Cornelius-1A copy.JPG
Family Cornelius-16.JPG
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Sunday Stroll around Soho - Spring Time

It was a hot April afternoon, when I met Regina, Ray and their gorgeous little girls Lucciana and Camille in Central, for their farewell family shoot.  Under the motto less is more we went for a white and blue dress code with just a few accessories including a Chinese umbrella. After a few stops at 7/11 to keep us cool and the girls happy, and many smiles and kisses later, here comes the result: beautiful images of a beautiful family strolling around Hollywood Road and its side alleys. It probably doesn't get any better. I am so pleased to have created some very special Hong Kong memories to treasure and look back to after their relocation to the other side of the world. I still hope they will be back with  little "R", their latest adorable addition, later this year for another family session!

Stories: Photo Gallery

picard story-17.JPG
picard story-26.JPG
picard story-32.JPG
picard story-34.JPG
picard story-16.JPG
picard story-23.JPG
picard story-8.JPG
picard story-33.JPG
picard story-20.JPG
picard story-18.JPG
picard story-24.JPG
picard story-21.JPG
picard story-7.JPG
picard story-19.JPG
picard story-15.JPG
picard story-25.JPG
lucci temple-1.JPG
picard story-22.JPG
picard story-12.JPG
picard story-27.JPG
picard story-13.JPG
picard story-11.JPG
picard story-10.JPG
Family Picard in Soho-15.JPG
picard story-29.JPG
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Colourful Hong Kong Memories

Can you tell we had so much fun during this farewell family photoshoot between Hollywood and des Voeux Road?
Feel the good vibes of this hong kong urban memory session for this incredible Swiss family full of energy. 
Their good mood in front of Hong Kong's artwalls, some banyan trees or the ding ding, the love in the air and their great spirit is completely contagious!

Stories: Photo Gallery
sandra -13.JPG
sandra -12.JPG
Stories: Photo Gallery

A Christmas gift over Easter

Estelle contacted me in December to purchase a Christmas gift voucher for her husband Gregory. But it wasn't until Easter before we headed out on a Sunday afternoon for their urban mini session. Their two lovely girls were so easy going, fun and sweet. We all enjoyed walking around, chatting, dancing and discovering new locations. 25 minutes later, we already had more images than we needed.  All full of joy, colours, life and happy feelings. I can say I love my job!

Stories: Photo Gallery
new estelle cropped-1.JPG
new estelle cropped-2.JPG
Stories: Photo Gallery

Senior portraits in the city

What a lovely mid week session I had with AnneLiese and her lovely mom for some Hong Kong senior pictures.
I love how we simply walked around and tried out different backgrounds in Soho .
And look at this sweet natural smile! Anneliese has now left to study in Holland and I wish her all the very best for her new adventures!

Stories: Photo Gallery
anne liese-24.JPG
anne liese-20.JPG
anne liese-17.JPG
anne liese-25.JPG
anne liese-10.JPG
anne liese-12.JPG
anne liese-6.JPG
anne liese-5.JPG
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